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Wounded by a bullet and suffering from severe memory lapses, Professor Langdon is hospitalised in Florence. Unable to explain his predicament to his attending doctor, Dr Sienna Brooks, the professor is bombarded by hellish visions of eternally damned sinners, and riddled with questions about the events that preceded his accident. Under those circumstances, unknown forces will violently attempt to locate Langdon to retrieve a hi-end, fingerprint-protected container that points to Bertrand Zobrist, a billionaire biomedical engineer, with a vision of a better world which stems from Dante Alighieri's Inferno. Once again on the run with Dr Sienna, the team will try to navigate through the obscure conspiracy that lies before them, attempting to decipher even the slightest of clues, in a wild hunt all over Europe. "Cerca Trova" or "Seek and ye shall Find"; however, at the end of the line when the search is finally over, what mysteries await?
Famous symbologist on a trail of clues tied to the great Dante himself. When Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna Brooks, a doctor he hopes will help him recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a global virus that would wipe out half of the world's population.
Is there an award for one of the worst openings in the history of film? If there was, INFERNO would win. The confused opening features an old man awaking in hospital in severe pain. The audience does not see this old man as a hero – which is what the producers were hoping – but rather as someone they would like to rescue and put in Motel 6 until he feels better. Instead everyone on the planet is trying to kill him and he does not remember why? Wait, let&#39;s insult the intelligence of the audience even more shall we? Let&#39;s pretend this confused old man, who seems to be in the wrong movie or possibly wandered onto the wrong set, forms some sort of bond with the otherwise delightful Felicity Jones, who is old enough to be his grand-daughter. She is not of course, but if she actually were, she would have taken the old man to a Motel 6 and saved us all from the horror that is this movie.<br/><br/>For those that think this review is not positive enough, here is a positive thought. Hopefully this ended the franchise.
After receiving a bullet in his head, Professor Robert Langdon remains six months at the hospital, recovering and going through physical and psychological therapies to recover his memory… if he was in the real world. But Inferno is developed at the deliriously improbable universe from author Dan Brown, so within less than five minutes, Langdon is already running for his life, climbing walls and decrypting mysteries hidden in the masterpieces of the Italian museums, which, of course, never have any guards or alarms and can be opened with a slight push to the door. And there never are tourists, except when they are necessary to confuse the evil ones. Or the good ones. We rarely know who is who. And, naturally, Langdon is helped by a beautiful European woman with a vast knowledge about art and riddles. To be honest, some of those inconsistencies are eventually justified, when new details are revealed and we realize that NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. Including Tom Hanks&#39; face… How can he look so young? However, nothing excuses the general irrationality of the villains&#39; plans and the strategies of the policemen, killers and the academic men chasing Langdon. Talking about strategies, I think Brown&#39;s strategy is already quite clear: &quot;borrowing&quot; concepts from multiple sources (Indiana Jones, James Bond and Robert Ludlum, among many other ones), adding artistic riddles and wrapping the package into a rancid adventure full of clichés which are easy to swallow because we already know them by heart. In the case of Inferno, I liked the initial premise and the main character&#39;s situation, whose main asset (his brain) was damaged under mysterious circumstances. But, instead of exploiting that provocative idea, Inferno immediately returns to the routine established in The Da Vinci Code and Angels &amp; Demons, accumulating improbable deductions and Machiavellian plans which don&#39;t make the slightest sense. I won&#39;t reveal too much in order not to mention more than I should, but I will just say that I found the big mystery of Inferno absolutely ridiculous… even though its origin raises an interesting moral disjunctive which doesn&#39;t lead anywhere, because we already know how it will be solved. Meanwhile… Chases! Museums! Secret Passages! Google Books! And, have I mentioned Felicity Jones? She&#39;s one of the few actresses who are simultaneously gorgeous and talented, and I definitely look forward to seeing her in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Besides, director Ron Howard knows how to handle the rhythm of the story in order to create moderate entertainment where there should be incredulity and involuntary laughs. So, Inferno didn&#39;t bore me, and I think that&#39;s enough to make it earn a slight recommendation. Inferno might be a good moment to conclude Langdon&#39;s adventures (there&#39;s one pending book, but I guess they skipped to adapt it for a reason); or maybe, Brown needs to find him a new &quot;gimmick&quot;; there&#39;s so much available material to steal (I&#39;m sorry; to &quot;get inspired&quot;) which shouldn&#39;t be limited to Renaissance. I heard over there that there are big secrets of the universe hidden into Jackson Pollock&#39;s doodles and Andy Warhol&#39;s cans.
By the end, even Hanks looks a bit bored.
Robert Langdon has similar &#39;visions from Hell&#39; in the book, but the hallucinations include an unknown &#39;silver-haired woman&#39;. She is later revealed to be Elizabeth Sinskey, head of the WHO; she is significantly older than Robert (old enough to be his mother), and he had only met her a few days before getting amnesia. In the movie, the woman in the hallucinations is initially cloaked, but Robert later recognizes her as Elizabeth. She is of Robert&#39;s age, and he has known her for years since they were once in a relationship.<br/><br/>Sienna is described as suffering from a metabolic disease in her youth that causes her hair to fall out; she always wears a blond wig as a result. Elizabeth Sinskey was also afflicted with a childhood disease, and its treatment has rendered her unable to have children. She has several flashbacks of a conversation with Zobrist, who visciously berates her and the WHO for their perceived lack of action with regards to controlling overpopulation. When he suggests that desperate measures are necessary, she takes his picture and puts him on the watchlist. The Consortium&#39;s Provost (called Mr. Sim in the film) has flashbacks of meeting Zobrist and sheltering him for a year, so that he could work in secret on his project while the WHO searched for him in vain. A gift from Zobrist during their last meeting (a personalized copy of Dante&#39;s Inferno) and Zobrist&#39;s suicide unsettle the Provost, causing him to think that Zobrist may be using the Consortium to release a world-wide plague.<br/><br/>The book is interspersed with flashbacks of Robert, remembering a lecture he once held about Dante and the Inferno novel. Most of the imagery that he used in the lecture (Botticelli&#39;s Map of Hell and several other Inferno-related artpieces) helps him (and the reader) find clues to Zobrist&#39;s riddles.<br/><br/>The WHO agents that arrive at Sienna&#39;s apartment are led by Christoph Brüder in the book (Christoph Bouchard in the movie). As Robert and Sienna flee, Robert notices the silver-haired woman being held in a WHO van, apparently drugged and held captive. They are being chased and fired upon by agents, but manage to escape, and enter the Boboli gardens. As they use the hallway leading into the Palazzo Museum, they find that the entrance is blocked by a guard station. Sienna has to mislead and take out the guard in order for them to proceed into the museum, showing that she is far from the fragile damsel in distress that she may appear to be.<br/><br/>Upon admitting that the WHO is now on Robert&#39;s trail and that she has lost him, Vayentha learns that she has been disavowed by the Consortium. In her desparation, she decides to go and search for him anyway. By chance, she picks up his trail again and chases him, hoping that the Consortium will take her back if she completes the mission to retrieve him. As a result, she is not trying to execute him in the book, even though Robert thinks that she is. In the movie, the provost gives her a direct order to terminate Robert, which she tries to do without success in the museum.<br/><br/>When learning that Robert and Ignazio were the ones who had stolen Dante&#39;s death mask, the guards call Ignazio&#39;s office, only to learn from his secretary that he has died of a heart attack the previous night. He was able to leave a voice mail message for Robert that points towards the mask&#39;s hiding place (in the movie, Robert had already received it by email). Robert tells the secretary to delete the message. They use the distraction of one of the drone cameras to escape.<br/><br/>Robert and Sienna try to flee the museum through the secret hallways, with Brüder and his team closely following them. Robert manages to shake them off by diverting them into a dead end. After Vayentha falls to her death, they escape to the streets, with Robert putting on Sienna&#39;s wig as disguise; with Sienna&#39;s bald head, they manage to pose as a rock star and a groupie, evading the police until they reach a small church. Robert borrows an old lady&#39;s iPhone to find the solution to Ignazio&#39;s riddle, and discovers it points to the Baptistry.<br/><br/>In the movie, Robert and Sienna find the mask at the baptistry and discover the hidden text on its back. They are found by Bouchard, who claims to have been the one who asked for Robert&#39;s help before he got amnesia. While on the train to Venice, Robert sees through Bouchard&#39;s ruse and incapacitates him. After deducing that Inferno must be in the Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Sienna betrays Robert and leaves him to be caught by Bouchard again. Bouchard reveals that he has gone rogue and intends to obtain Inferno in order to sell it. He is finally killed by the Provost, who explains how Sienna, Vayentha and the doctor shot in the hospital were all part of an elaborate deception to get Robert to cooperate, but Sienna has apparently used both Robert and the Consortium for her own agenda.<br/><br/>In the book, the sequence differs significantly: Robert and Sienna discover the mask in the bapistry, but find that there is are series of 7 Ps on the back of the forehead. Robert remembers that these symbolize the seven sins (peccatum in Latin), and in true Dante fashion, he discovers that by wiping them away in atonement, a secret text is revealed on the back of the mask. They are then approached by a man calling himself Jonathan Ferris. He has a nasty face rash which he claims comes from an allergy to soy-based soap, and a big black mark on his chest which he tries to hide. Ferris claims to have been the one who asked for Robert&#39;s help deciphering Zobrist&#39;s riddle. Although Robert doesn&#39;t recognize the man, he has &#39;familiar eyes&#39;. Robert calls his publicist with a request to charter an airplane for him to Geneva; this ruse sends the WHO into a dead end, while Robert, Sienna and Ferris escape by train to Venice. An elaborate flashback leads the reader to believe that Ferris is actually agent FS-2080, a former lover and sympathizer of Zobrist who suggested the Consortium to him as a way of developing Inferno in secret; however, after learning Zobrist&#39;s intentions to develop a plague, FS-2080 wanted to prevent Inferno from being unleashed, and contacted the Consortium to offer assistance. In Venice, after discovering the identity of the &#39;treacherous doge&#39;, Robert finds out the target is Istanbul, not Venice. He finds that Ferris has collapsed, and notices the black mark, fearing that Ferris may already be infected with Inferno. Unfortunately, WHO soldiers seal the museum and Robert is apprehended by Brüder, but not before he helps Sienna escape through a window.<br/><br/>Robert is finally brought before Elizabeth Sinskey and the Provost. She wasn&#39;t held captive by the WHO as Robert thought; she was temporarily under the influence of medication to counter her vertigo. The WHO had raided Zobrist&#39;s safety deposit box a few days earlier, and found the projector. Sinskey was the one who contacted Robert and asked him for help in deciphering the riddle. However, the Consortium had an agreement with Zobrist to protect the projector, so they intervened after Robert and Ignazio had stolen the death mask. They kidnapped Robert, faked his head wound and amnesia and placed him in the hospital. Agent FS-2080 and Zobrist&#39;s secret lover is revealed to be Sienna, not Jonathan Ferris. She had agreed to help the Consortium in deceiving Robert so that he could solve Zobrist&#39;s riddle and find Inferno&#39;s location before the WHO could get their hands on it. The doctor killed by Vayentha in the hospital was another Consortium agent whose death was only faked. He is the same man who posed as Jonathan Ferris, with a rash that he got from wearing a fake beard and moustache; the black mark on his chest was from a squib explosion that broke his rib during his faked death. When Sienna learned of Inferno&#39;s hiding place, she disposed of Ferris by punching him in the chest (he is fine again, and not infected). Sienna is currently following her own agenda, which may be to ensure that Inferno is released. Sinskey and the Provost are now working together to stop that from happening.<br/><br/>The final act of the book is also very different from the movie: Sienna only contacts a fellow Zobrist sympathizer to get on a flight to Istanbul; she works alone while being there and doesn&#39;t obtain any explosives or henchmen. In the &#39;Sunken Palace&#39;, Robert finds out that the container with Inferno is missing; only the original tether remains. Sinskey finds no trace of anything lethal in the water. Robert spots Sienna and chases her, believing that she may have taken the container. After a lengthy chase where Sienna commandeers a boat, she unexpectedly returns to Robert and gives a tearful confession. The container with Inferno inside has already dissolved and the virus has been released for a week; the date mentioned in Zobrist&#39;s video wasn&#39;t the date that Inferno would be released, but the projected date where almost the entire world&#39;s population would be infected. Inferno is not a deadly plague that &#39;thins the herd&#39;: it is a virus that alters DNA and randomly renders one third of the population infertile, as Zobrist&#39;s ultimate device to stop the world&#39;s population from growing out of control. Sienna was actually trying to stop it from being obtained by the WHO, afraid that it might be abused to render only certain populations infertile.<br/><br/>The Provost is not killed during the final struggle: instead, he is being held by Sinskey to answer for his crimes. With the help of some Consortium agents, he escapes and attempts to flee in disguise, only to be arrested by Turkish government agents.<br/><br/>Sinskey realizes that Zobrist&#39;s virus is currently too sophisticated to stop. For now, the WHO has to accept the virus&#39; effects, which may indeed turn out advantageous for the long term. Sinskey offers Sienna a place in the WHO, so that she may be able to help them understand how it works for a future cure.
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