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A rogue Multiverse agent goes on a manhunt for versions of himself, getting stronger with each kill. With only one version remaining, he races against the clock to finish him and become "The One."
This movie postulates what if there is more than one universe. And that all of these universes are held together by one single stream of energy and that energy is equally distributed to every living in each universe and if one of these beings die, that energy is reallocated equally to each other surviving member. And with each allocation, a person becomes stronger. Now one universe has mastered the ability of crossing into another universe, and a man named Shulaw who believes that if he can kill all of his counterparts, he will become invincible, but there are those who believe that it might have detrimental effects, so try and stop him. Unfortunately, he just has one more person to kill, Gabe Law, but the officers follow Shulaw but Shulaw has committed some crimes and Gabe is accused and is wanted. But Gabe discovers that he has changed and only wants to kill Shulaw not realizing what could happen.
The title of this movie turned me off originally, especially with &#39;The Matrix&#39; and its &#39;The One&#39;. The trailer further turned me off by calling it a different reality than our own. I expected it to be a VR knockoff kind of movie.<br/><br/>One commenter in particular, Erik Harris, caught my eye, and I think a few things need to be said.<br/><br/>First, explaining the story &#39;for the single-digit-IQ portion of the audience&#39; right off the bat served it&#39;s purpose. It took the science and moved it to the side, it explained the villain&#39;s purpose and moved it to the side, and it explained the hero&#39;s purpose and moved it to the side. What this did was leave the movie open for what it was created as: a kung fu flick. It&#39;s not a mystery, it&#39;s not a sci-fi thriller. It&#39;s a martial arts movie with a science fiction theme. Only about 30 seconds of the movie was spent explaining the science, and that only covered a variation of the curved space theory.<br/><br/>Second, &#39;inconsistent, poorly thought out, and poorly acted&#39; is an example of &#39;three strikes and you&#39;re out!&#39; Inconsistent would mean that it contained contradictions, which I do not see, seeing as how the plot is fairly simple and it sticks to that premise, and you did not elaborate on it, either. Poorly thought out can mean any number of things, but I&#39;m assuming that you&#39;re saying that the plot was poorly thought out. In this case, seeing as how simple the plot is, the movie would have to be absolutely horrible for it to be poorly thought out. Did it capitalize on &#39;The Matrix&#39;? You bet. Poorly thought out? No, just unoriginal. You finish the trio by saying &#39;poorly acted&#39; and further elaborate by saying that Li cannot play a bad guy well at all. If he were to be portrayed as evil, then you&#39;re right, he simply doesn&#39;t do it, but the fact is, he&#39;s not playing an evil villain. The villain here is working toward a goal. Much like someone making paper dolls, the goal is to make the right cuts so that when the paper is unfolded, you get dolls. In this case, the same is true, the villain is trying to become a God, and that&#39;s his goal. If he has to make a few cuts along the way, that&#39;s just the price. He&#39;s not a murderer, as he puts it &#39;How can I be a murderer if I&#39;m just killing myself?&#39;<br/><br/>Third, you say &#39;Even the action scenes weren&#39;t that good.&#39; It&#39;s apparent you are neither a Jet Li fan, nor a fan of martial arts. Jet Li is one of the few martial artists who can switch between a &#39;hard&#39; style and a &#39;soft&#39; style and look good doing both of them, not even Jackie Chan can make that claim. The fighting scenes were well cut, making it appear as if he really is fighting himself. Normally I&#39;m not a fan of the &#39;twin&#39; type movies as they can never do it right, but the camera angles and excellent editing of this movie really made it believable. Sure portions of the action was blurred to the point of not being able to see it, but that was obviously intentional, considering where and when it was done.<br/><br/>In summary, you overthought this movie. It requires no thought to watch it, as the design of the movie is to entertain with martial arts. All the rest is merely a prop for that simple premise.
This was a fun movie. The mixing of martial arts and special effects were amazing. They really did put the Matrix to shame. It&#39;s been a long time since I&#39;ve watched a movie and said &quot;Holly cow! I didn&#39;t think he could do that!&quot;.<br/><br/>While the story was very light it didn&#39;t bore you. It made a beautiful backdrop for the action. There are too many film out there were the action is the focus, but the story detracts from it. The One&#39;s story was nice and simple.<br/><br/>The soundtrack was amazing. For hard rock fans it&#39;s a dream come true. It&#39;s nice to see a soundtrack in a film like this move away from the techno and rap themes that have been so prominent in movies like this.<br/><br/>For action fans it&#39;s a must see.
There's nothing like a feature-length video game to make you feel you're being played.

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